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  2. Your Fave is Problematic: Alex Hirsch


  4. A customer was trying to read my bracelets and I told her I’d rather not say what they mean because they’re very strong political views that I hold very close to my heart, and I’d rather leave politics outside of work.

    But also because if she happened to be against Planned Parenthood or marijuana legalization, I would not have the ability to stop myself from arguing with her.

    Surprised she didn’t ask about the necklace I was wearing: it has a vagina emoticon on it.

  6. theatre credits ↪ sutton foster

  7. Best Loot Crate so far! Stuff from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly!

  8. Happy Birthday, Stephanie J. Block! [September 19, 1972]

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  10. We have a cast.

    And what’s fun is this organization has a tradition of waiting until their current show ends to announce the cast for the next one. So everyone that got cast in Spamalot won’t know until Sunday evening after Sound of Music closes.

    I know people who would stay up all night waiting for the cast list. Can’t imagine if they do the same if they have to wait a few days.

    But then again, most of them are big boys and girls with big person jobs.